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About Us
About Us

For this purpose we work right, fast and solution oriented by considering economical mind and customer satisfaction.

Our mission
Bringing welfare and economy of our customers and shareholders in a better condition by creating a good synthesis as protecting the spirit of cooperation and applying banking rules and principles in a complete manner.

Today we are working for this aim by main force.
In the future, we will put all our effort to improve financial sector of the TRNC more and make it to have a voice within the international arena and will do all developments and investments courageously for Turkish Cypriot community and our customers. We are doing it.
Our Values
•  We work to provide better service to our customers than their expectations.
• We rigorously comply with the laws and legal regulations and never make concession to it.
•  We are a bank and bankers with a moral.
• Human is the most important thing for us and we always invest in people.
•  We believe in an effective team work and communication.
• We believe all the people work in our banks are diligent and hard working.
•  We believe outcomes of bank will be taken as an example across the county economy and will be an important contribution.
•  We work for deposits to turn into the investments.
•  We respect into community, natural environment and human rights.