Anasayfa İletişim
Current Accounts:
Current account is an account that you can use your daily earnings in a day. With accounts you can open in TL and foreign currencies you can save you deposits, transfer money, pay your credit cards, pay Vodafone, Turkcell, land phones, electricity bills, Digiturkbills, Municipal service bills, EMU Fee payments, Cardplus payment either automatically or via instruction in a regular base and meet your needs immediately

Let Your salary to regularly be deposited to your account every month:
If you are a civil servant or retired from social securities or working in a contracted institution or company, with an order to be given by you, your salary will be deposited to your account on the day of payment.
Cash withdrawal from your account:
Since your Cardplus card can be used both as debit card and credit card, you may direct your credit card to your current account, withdraw cash from the ATM’s, if there is no cash in your current account you may use your credit card to withdraw cash.
Deposit Accounts:
If you are seeking for a safe investment tool for you company and do not want your company to get effected by the changes on interest rates, you can open a deposit account at Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank with a term as you wish. You can have a deposit account with 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year of terms. Your deposit account you want us to open in TL or foreign currencies is renewed by updating in the same term at the end of the period if you didn’t specify otherwise. If you wish money in the deposit account can be transferred at the end of the term to any of your current account or transfer can be done from your current account into your deposit account. Besides, you can only withdraw the interest accrued and you can make the term of the principal continue.

Options for Terms:
You can open a deposit account in TL, British Pound, American Dollars and Euro with the terms of 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, and 1 Year.
Check Accounts:
By opening up a deposit account in Limasol TurkishCooperative Bank you will be given a check book which will save you from the responsibility and risk of possessing cash with you. By the courtesy of our bank’s good reputation in the market, you may gain a %100 warranty and credibility when using the check book.