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Message of Board of ...
Message of Board of Directors
Message from the Chairman of Board of Directors

Our bank proud to serve customers since 1939 with its successful synthesis of cooperative and commercial bank. During this period of time our bank reacted to all economic, social and political incidents and developments in a correct time and correct manner. Our bank which takes economic, political and social developments of the financial world where we are into consideration determines its vision in accordance to our customer’s expectations.
Increasing the varieties of financial services and products, updating them and presenting to our customers is not the periodic target of our Bank but identified and implemented as constant policy.
Affiliates had been set up aiming presentation and extending financial products and services to our widespread customers. Our companies provide financial instruments which are gainful for our customers.  
Our bank managed to protect its customers interests in all positive or negative economic incidents happened in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. However, we are aware that being good as an institution individually is not enough for a country economy to develop so whole economy must reach to prosperity. From that point, we support any struggle for protecting and improving our economy. We do our best in this regard. Activities to turn deposits into invesments create the milestones of our vision.
I would like to thank all of our staff who work intensively and devoted to reach to our targets, shareholders who trust and be with us, our customers and all stakeholders on behalf of our Board of Directors.
From back to the future, together and better.
Greetings with respect and love.
All for you, just wish.
Chairman of Board of Directors
Hüseyin KEMALER............. Chairman of Board of Directors
Özay ELDER...................... Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors
Haluk RUHİ..........................Member of Board of Directors
Ekrem Z. Bodamyalızade..... Member of Board of Directors
Halil BERKİN.......................Member of Board of Directors