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Message from the Dir...
Message from the Director General
Esteemed shareholders and customers,

Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank which is one of the most important financial institutions of our country doesn’t follow the renovations of today but performs them and continues to put signature to distinctive projects on its 77th year with its vision of being the finance leader of the TRNC, experience of having a long-standing past and missioners structure and bringing exciting renovations to the agenda in the country.

In those periods when solutions are still beingsoughtfor the ways out from the global financial crisis and effects of the crisis are felt more in developing counties, despite all negativities Limassol Bank continued its primer duty to turn deposits into investments and continued to grow continuously in a controlled way.

Our bank which carefully tries to carry out duties and responsibilities for development of the TRNC economy with the strategy created on the thought of steady growth, customer satisfaction and sustainable profitability serve to our community with more than 200 personnel and 14 branches which situated in the regions have positive feasibility.

Apart from the branches which are growing and developing, providing service to every citizens regardless being our customer or not with the Fast Invoice Payment Points at more than 150 points without the having a working hour issue is an important indicator that we work with the aim of increasing our share in the market and bringing the service to the customers. While growing, Limassol Bank which is synthesising the modern banking operations with the soul of cooperative takes care of social responsibility projects a lot and we share the proud of winning recognition as possible throughout our country for accelerating the activities for environment, culture, art, sports and health by the non profit Limassol Social Responsibility Co that is realized in 2011 for the first time.

On the other hand, new requirements caused by the preferences of consumers and investors and financial products developed accordingly, structural requirements and all those bring their needs together and thus required arrangements are executed by our bank in the scope of studies done for restructuring of financial sector of the TRNC. Improvement of core banking, increasing the effectiveness of internal control system, making the asset management more efficient, MT programmes and Limassol Banking Academy carried out to train managers of the future are some of the implementations that we have done with that awareness.

With all those feelings and thoughts, I would like to thank firstly to Board of Directors, valuable shareholders and customers who always trust us for the support given during the way we carry our long-standing past into the future, hereby congratulate my valuable colleagues who constitute the foundation of our success.

İlkin Yoğurtçuoğlu
Director General