Anasayfa İletişim

Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank was established in 1939 as a local cooperative bank. Because of the valuable support of its members, trust of correspondences and competences and energy of the personnel of our bank showed high performance and by that way became successful and grown and developed. LTCB which today provides any kind of financial product and services to real and legal customers is considered as one of the oldest and leading financial institutions in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. LTCB has both national and international perspective thus it provides all products and services at the international level as well. Real owners of the LTCB are the members whose number is increasing everyday and those members select in every three years the Board of Directors which manages the Bank, at the General Meeting carried out under the surveillance of Cooperative Companies Registrar. Today, Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank offers banking services in very high standards with more than 211 personnel and 14 branches. New products and affiliates had been set up according to the needs of its customers. For this purpose, by creating the Cardplus brand which is the youngest Mastercard of the Cyprus with other 6 local banks of the Northern Cyprus we added value to the economy and the society.

Our bank established Limassol Insurance in 1997 which services in the field of insurance and reflected experience and trust of many years into the insurance area. The newest unit of Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank ‘Invoice Payment Systems’ provides safe and easy invoice payment service all across the TRNC since 2011. By providing services in many and wide points as possible throughout the TRNC, eases the lives of more citizens and collects invoices for electricity, water, estate, digital broadcasts without limitation of time or place. The reason and power of 77 years of success of LTCB is administrative mechanism and existence of high quality personnel. To provide the best service to our customers, investing in the best people, systems and physical environment became the rule for our Bank. As LTCB has experienced and motivated personnel, it is also equipped with the latest Technologies. The basis of our bank’s investment program is the investments to human sources and Technologies to increase the productivity and the incomes. All personnel of the bank have the spirit of team work and participation. By that way, development and implementation of creative and productive ideas and strategies are promoted and supported. In order to ensure the best service is provided to our customers, personnel of LTCB are subjected to an effective training and inspection. Team work, respect to people, environmental and social responsibilities are the main elements of our institutional culture. Our bank believe in customer centred banking and in this regard by understanding the needs of our customers so much time is spent and special attention is paid for increasing the effectiveness, productivity and profitability through the finance and risk management

Customers and correspondences of our bank should know that there is no article in the agenda of the Institution that they are working with, apart from providing the most quality banking services.

Prescience, quality and professionalism are some of our important values and define our way of work.